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We offer many services to help look after you Mercedes car, some of the options available are shown below, if you find that you have a requirement not listed below, then please contact us and we will offer you assistance.

Mercedes Servicing

Check this Text and make some changes: Most Mercedes cars are fitted with the Active Service System (known as ASSYST). On vehicles fitted with the ASSYST system, the basic service is carried out and additional items such as spark plugs, fuel filter and air filters are changed depending on age or mileage. When these additional items are replaced, they will be quoted for separately by your Service Consultant.

The majority of newer Mercedes models are equipped with Service ASSYST PLUS. This is also a variable service schedule alternating from A to H service, with the letters indicating how much time and work will need to be performed within the workshop. The ‘A’ Service will be a basic service whilst the ‘H’ Service would indicate a more comprehensive service.


The ‘Minute Or Two’ MOT check
Before you take your vehicle for its annual MOT test, manufacturer main dealers recommend that you carry out a number of quick and easy visual checks to give your car the best chance of passing the test – saving you time and money.

Help your car pass its next MOT

Around 1.5 million vehicles fail their MOT due to simple things such as faulty bulbs, too little tyre tread, or even empty windscreen washer fluid bottles. It’s possible to anticipate most of these issues with a quick check of your car. It only takes a ‘Minute Or Two’!

What does a timing belt do?

A timing belt is a rubber belt, flat on one side, and toothed on the other, which is located inside your car engine.
This timing belt wraps around several components including the camshaft, the water pump, crank shaft, and belt tensioners, and is responsible for managing engine timing to ensure that your valves and pistons do not collide with each other.

A cam chain keeps the timing in sync via a length of chain, instead of a rubber belt. Both do the same job, however a cam chain is considered more robust.
The timing belt plays an vital role inside your engine. Timing belt failure usually results in a loss of engine power, and internal engine damage.

Air Conditioning Recharge

Air conditioning recharge and antibacterial clean available from our Mercedes auto master technicains. Keep your car cool in the summer and your windows de-misted in the winter with an efficiently operating car air conditioning system.

Our expert technicians, located at our Gloucester service centre, can check your car air conditioning system’s components and top up the vital liquids which are gradually lost over time.

Our air conditioning anti-bacterial clean removes harmful bacteria for a safe, pleasant and odour-free environment.


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What Client’s Say

Hi, I just wanted to say what a excellent job you did in fixing the suspension on my SL, I thought the cost was also very good compared to other quotes I had.
Jamie T
Just had a service with these guys and I have to say it was better than going to a main dealers!
Thank you you so much for fixing my CLK so quickly and without breaking the bank, I will tell all my friends about you guys, thanks again.
I have to say how impressive and professional I found you all, you beat all my expectations with the level of service and advice you gave me.
Jim B